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Oedipus Rex Culver City, California, USA, 2003.
Oedipus, Actors of Dionysus, 2003
Oedipus performed in a disused quarry in Queensland, Australia, 2000. Director Greg McCart

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Call for contributions for the 2017 issue

Papers for consideration by the editorial team, should be sent to the editor, Dr. Trevor Fear. (It is important to consult the house style notes prior to sending.)

Papers should not normally exceed 6,000 words (not including endnotes) though shorter papers are also welcome. (If you wish to submit a longer paper, please contact the editor in advance).

Individual authors are responsible for securing copyright clearance if their paper contains substantial quotations or graphical/illustrative material.

Papers should be accompanied by a short CV, which will not be sent to the referees. The referee process is mutually anonymous.