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  1. 1. Course content and introduction
    A welcome to the course and a brief guide to studying it.
  2. 2. Introducing Professional Supervision
    Your roles and responsibilities as a supervisor or mentor and the process of being a reflective practitioner.
  3. 3. Taking on the supervising role
    A guide to the expectations of supervising/mentoring and the issues that may arise during supervision.
  4. 4. Skills for professional supervision
    Assessing your personal strengths and weaknesses and developing your skills in key areas.
  5. 5. Planning and delivering professional supervision
    The process of supervision: planning, beginning, developing and ending supervision.
  6. 6. Getting involved in formal assessment
    Documenting your supervision sessions and using different methods of assessment.
  7. 7. Reflecting on professional supervision
    Reflecting on your work practice and your role as a supervisor.