Spending time comparing the choices for young people with learning disabilities (16-19 years) now with the choices we had when we were young 40 years ago!

Mabel Cooper and Gloria Ferris, supported by Jane Abraham

We want to tell you about two projects we have been involved in over the last year.

We have done a project with young people with learning disabilities in three special schools. We talked about dreams and choices about how they spend their time now. Gloria will share how we did this work and what we found out (using the report and examples from the work we did with young people).

We also have done some work with people supported by Walsingham about the choices they have now as to how they spend time and the choices they used to have when they were young. Mabel will talk about how we interviewed different people, and took their questions and ideas back to the organisation's AGM.

We will compare what life is like now how young people choose to spend their time with life when we were 17.

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