A full life
Mary Coventry

I will be speaking about my work, hobbies and interests and my various achievements. I feel I have worked hard and achieved a lot in the last few years. I lived at home with my family first of all, but now I live more or less independently in a Group Home. I work at the People First Office in Croydon once a fortnight on Tuesdays, and I go to Mencap meetings in London with People First. I enjoy writing poetry, and my other hobbies and interests are varied. They are: knitting, crochet, tapestry, embroidery and collecting models and pictures of owls. I am interested in oasthouses, windmills and watermills and I am knowledgeable about things like flowers and plants and the different species of owls. I have been on lots of different college courses over the years. These include Maths and English. I have lots of friends and a boyfriend called John.

Photo of Mary and John
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