Time and Money: Changing configurations in learning disability day services

Helen Graham

How much time you have to spare and how much money you have to spend define who you are in our society. Both time and money together affect where we spend our days and where we live as well as things like how we dress and what we eat for dinner.

In this presentation I'd like to use the relationship between 'time' and 'money' to help us think about learning disability day services and how they have changed since the 1960s. I will use learning disability services in the London Borough of Croydon as a focus for this discussion.

I will explore these questions:

How was time structured in Adult Training Centres in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s?

What role did money play in the operation of Adult Training Centres?

How has the relationship between time and money in day services changed over the past 10 years?

I will conclude by considering the meaning of these changes for the future – do these histories point to potential dangers as well as benefits?

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