Learning Disability History, Health and Social Welfare   Annual Conference

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Spending Time in Institutions - July 2008

The Spending Time in Institutions international seminar was held on Friday 4th July 2008 at The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Coffee and refreshments
Introduction to the day – Co-chairs: Jan Walmsley and Mabel Cooper
"Little better than chattel slaves": Inmate Labour in an Australian Institution for Learning Disability
Lee-Ann Monk

Leisure time in learning disability institutions: summer camps and scouting Nigel Ingham and David O'Driscoll
Tea and coffee
The dimension of time in civilian and institutional order Frank Bylov
Spending Time in an Institution in Iceland in the 1970s Ebba Hreinsdottir and Gudrun Steffansdottir
Introduction – Co-chairs: Daniel Doherty and Rohhss Chapman
Spending Time in Normansfield Heather Cadbury, Patricia Collen and Michelle Whitmore
Living in an Institution in Ireland in my own words Jean Wright, Bill Roberts and Carol Hamilton

Discussion and tea


Researching Institutional Histories - July 2007

The Researching Institutional Histories international seminar was held on 6th July 2007, at the Open University, Milton Keynes.

What was the institution and who was it for? Pamela Dale
First Up, Best Dressed Daniel Doherty

Working with the "Children of the Darkness" Corinne Manning
On the same lines as those in England: British influences on an Australian institution for people with learning disabilities Lee-Ann Monk
An institutional oral history archive Nigel Ingham
Songs of Resistance and their contribution to understanding the history of the self advocacy movement Sue Ledger and Nigel Ingham