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Weaving a Tale

Marjorie Chappell
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My life in institutions

Mabel Cooper
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Speaking up for Muriel

Gloria Ferris
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Taking a stand against the odds

Kelley Johnson
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3 Generations of Mothers with Learning Difficulties in Iceland

Rannveig Traustadottir
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Resistance and Resilience issues for oral history in Iceland

Gudrum Stefansdottir
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Stereotyped Behaviour: resistance by people with profound learning difficulties

Melanie Nind
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"What they want, yes - but we want, bugger us" Carlisle People First

Rohhss Chapman
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There are bigger fish to fry

Louise Townson
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I used to keep my feelings to myself

Elizabeth Harkness
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I'm going to turn it all around

Malcolm Eardley
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I've been from pillar to post

Andy Docherty
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