To start the quiz select, whether you are male or female and which quiz route you would like to follow. If you have a disability of some kind, click on the Paralympic option. Otherwise, click on the Olympic option.

You will be taken through a series of physical questions which will determine the types of sports that would most suit you.

Click 'Next' to move forward through the quiz. You must answer all questions on each page before you move onto the next page.

Thoughout the quiz you will find orange (i) information buttons, these will help explain a particular question. 'Get clued up' buttons provide interesting tit bits of information.

Choose a sport. Sports that match your physical attributes are highlighted (please note this ins't a definitive test and you may get some surprising results). Choose one of the sports to continue on with the quiz.

You will now be taken through a series of psychological and social questions. These will determine how successful you might be at that particular sport.

From the results screen you can click on the videos and links to find out more about the thinking behind this game and also share your results via Facebook and Twitter.