Elements of the Periodic Table

The elements of the Periodic Table are everywhere. They make up who we are, and the world around us. Some of them even changed history. Use these apps to find out more about the Periodic Table and the elements within it.

Introducing the
Periodic Table

Sit back and learn about the discovery of the elements and how the Periodic Table was born.

Elements that
changed the
course of history

Certain elements have changed people and society in important ways. Use our timeline to see some of the major impacts throughout history.

Elements of
the world

The elements of the Periodic Table are found all over the world, in different quantities and in different forms. Find out what our world is made up of.


We're all made up of elements. Find out which ones, and what happens when the perfect balance of elements is changed.

The Periodic
Table Live

Learn about the different blocks of the Periodic Table and what people are saying about elements right now.


Everyday stuff is made of elements. Have a play!

The Atomic

Find out how an atom's structure determines where it sits on the Periodic Table.

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