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Welcome to the Open University's Privacy game.

Have you ever thought about what your personal information might be worth?

Privacy refers to how we maintain our personal boundaries by choosing what personal information we share with others. This game is designed to highlight how privacy and consent work online.

Players make decisions about which information they reveal, who they reveal it to and why. For example, you may decide to trade some information for gifts when shopping on a website; or you may decide to keep other information secret when posting on a social networking site.

Play against your friends or the computer to see if you can make the most of your valuable information!


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This game highlights the value of personal information and how it can be used online. There are, as the game demonstrates, trade-offs to be had when providing information online - some good, some bad. Ultimately we hope that playing this game has drawn attention to the value of this information, particularly your information and how you use it.


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Privacy Game - In Facebook



What is personal information worth?

In this game, you play a character seeking to make the most out of the information they hold.

You score points by making columns of 3 or more pieces of the same type (colour) of information on the board.

Click on a piece of information to select it then click on the board where you want to place it.

It's up to you to decide where your information is worth most.

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