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The Open University's Centre for Earth Planetary Space and Astronomy Research, CEPSAR, maintains the U-series capability and laboratory, OUUSL, to facilitate its research with a U-series component.


mass spectrometer collectorsmass spectrometer collectors

OUUSL welcomes collaborations with other researchers on projects with a U-series and indeed other research topics within its remit.

OUUSF contacts:
Click on 'U-series' for a brief explanation of how U-series methodology works and some examples with references. There are of course, countless more examples in the literature, and we will be more then happy to discuss innovative applications.

Peter van Calsteren

0044 1908 655155

Click on 'Projects' for a few examples of current collaborative projects. OUUSL are active in a further nine at this time. Collaborator names and project ID are included.

Louise Thomas

0044 1908 858509

Click on 'Laboratory' for a description of our laboratories, with some images.


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OUUSL is part of the EEE discipline in the Faculty of Science
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