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44. Turner, J.A., Leeder, M.R., Andrews, J.E. and Rowe, P.J.. (2008) Comment on "A comparison of 103 - 105 year uplift rates on the South Alkyonides Fault, central Greece: Holocene climate stability and the formation of coastal notches" by Cooper et. al., (2007). Geophysical Research Letters, 35. L19314 doi:10.1029/2008GL034854. (IP/1115/0509) GC

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Murton, B.J., Schroth, N., LeBas, T., Calsteren, P. van, Yeo, I, Achenbach, K. and Searle, R.C. (2012) Formation of volcanic crust at slow-spreading mid-ocean ridges by steady-state processes. Nature, in review (IP/929/1106)

Calsteren, P. van, Thomas, L.E., Murton, B.J., Searle, R.C. (2012) Ocean ridge magma generation rate favours Hess-type oceanic crust. Nature, submitted (IP/929/1106)





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