e2v CMOS imaging device.

The 'e2v centre for electronic imaging' (CEI) is a research centre within the Department of Physcial Sciences at the Open University. It is a collaboration between the Open University and e2v technologies plc., who provide sponsorship contributing towards PhD studentships and research positions.

The CEI is dedicated to the research and development of advanced technologies for electronic image sensing and provides knowledge exchange between the UK technology industry and academia. The main focus of the CEI's work relates to the development of imaging sensors for space applications, with expertise in X-ray spectroscopy and the study of the effects of radiation damage.

The CEI specialises in:

  • Research into scientific image sensors
  • PhD student training
  • Knowledge exchange between industry and university research
  • Exploiting sensor opportunities in space instrumentation

The CEI is currently seeking applicants for a PhD studentship in electro-optics and semiconductor imaging. For more details please see our studentship flyer (pdf).