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We are especially grateful to the planning committee for their help in making the Conference a reality:

Anna Peachey, Conference Planning and Academic Chair and COLMSCT Teaching Fellow, The Open University (Schome).
Diane Ford, Conference Administrator and Centre for Open Learning of Mathematics, Science, Computing and Technology (COLMSCT) Administrator
Liz Thackray, COLMSCT Teaching Fellow, The Open University.
Dr Terry Di Paolo, Lecturer for The Open Degree, The Open University.
Catherine Reuben, Centre for Open Learning of Mathematics, Science, Computing and Technology (COLMSCT) Manager
Prof. Steve Swithenby, Centre for Open Learning of Mathematics, Science, Computing and Technology (COLMSCT) Director
Ann Wilson, Conference Assistant, The Open University

We are grateful to the Academic Committee, for their support in developing the programme and proceedings, including the above mentioned and:

Dr Daniel Livingstone, University of the West of Scotland (Sloodle).
Dr Julia Gillen, Senior Lecturer in Digital Literacies, Literacy Research Centre, Lancaster University (Schome).
Dr Peter Twining, Head of the Department of Education, The Open University (and Director of The Schome Park Programme).
Paul Hollins, Operational Manager of Joint Information Systems Committee Centre for Technology and Interoperability Standards, JISC CETIS.
Hilary Mason, Assistant Professor in New Media and Computer Science, Johnson & Wales University (Virtual Morocco).
Dr Jonathon Richter, University of Oregon (Salamander).
Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins, PhD Candidate, Ball State University (Editor of Second Life Education Blog and Coauthor Second Life for Dummies).
Dr Shailey Minocha, COLMSCT Teaching Fellow, The Open University.
Prof. Yvonne Rogers, Professor in Human-Computer Interaction, Computing Department, The Open University. Riad Kaisar Saba, MSEE, CISA, Assistant Professor,
Assistant to the Director - IT Center and Network Manager, University of Balamand, Lebanon.
Dr Helen Yanacopulos, Senior Lecturer in International Development Studies, The Open University.
Shri Footring, e-Learning Advisor, JISC RSC - Eastern.
Dr Anne Adams, Lecturer in Practice-Centred Research & Development, Institute of Educational Technology, Open University.

We gratefully acknowledge the support offered by the following at The Open University:

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Brenda Gourley
Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning, Teaching and Quality), Prof. Denise Kirkpatrick
Science IT– Ross Gravett, Danni Hughes and Richard Williams
Academic and Administrative Computing Services – Phil Thomas and Stuart Pearson, Cathy Kounous, Teri Walton
Learning and Teaching Solutions – Lee Johnson, Tammy Alexander, Sarah Hofton, Gill Gowans,
Giles Clark and Siggy Martin
Events and Catering - Gail Plunkett, Louise Burgess, Rachel Barnett
Shaun Havill and porters and Eaton catering staff
Audiovisual staff - Keith Hamilton, Adrian Hardwick, Mark Butler and colleagues
Knowledge Media Institute - Ben Hawkridge, Aneta Tumilowicz
Media Relations - Guy Bailey
Rights Department – Katie Meade
Development Office - Rachel Burrage
Finance Department - Janet Pentony, Sue Tissington, Andy Stacey and Renu Kale
Transport – David Lewis

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