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Final checklist

Key skill Tasks Done

Reading and writing

Complete How good is my English?


Complete What is academic English like?


Complete Sample study materials for at least one extract


ICT skills

Complete What ICT skills do I need?


Study skills

Complete Do I have enough time for study?


View your Personal summary sheet

This contains all your answers plus some advice about where to go for additional information.

You cannot view your summary sheet until all tasks are done.

Next steps

If you think you're not ready

If, having worked your way through the activities, you feel you're not quite ready to begin studying with us, here are some suggestions.

  • Try a local college or adult education class to help you develop your English language or ICT skills.
  • Brush up on your study skills. Our Skills for OU Study site offers a wealth of suggestions to help you become a confident learner.
  • Try some of our free online courses in a subject that interests you.

If you're ready for study

Please note that you can't register for Access modules online. If you're ready to study and are wondering whether our Access modules are right for you, our advisers are here to ensure you get on the right study path. If you haven't already done so, contact us on: 01908 659253.