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What ICT skills do I need?

Suggested time: 5 minutes

ICT stands for information and communication technology, and you will need some ICT skills in order to be a successful Open University student.

You will use a computer in your OU study to help you

  • communicate with you tutor and other students
  • access the information and support you need for your study
  • carry out administrative activities with us, such as changing your contact details.

If you are happy moving around this site, then you probably have some of the ICT skills needed for an Access module.

However, if someone is helping you, then use the checklist to find out which areas you may need more practice in before you begin your studies with us.

ICT skills checklist

I can do the following without help:

Start up and shut down a computer

Use a mouse or keyboard to move around a computer screen

Use the internet to find and navigate around websites

Use email to read and send messages