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Information literacy toolkit Skip to content Help your students to develop essential skills in information literacy

Why information literacy?

Student using a laptop computer

Information literacy (IL) refers to the set of skills required to locate, evaluate and use information effectively.

Information literacy skills are useful study skills that become essential as students progress to post-graduate level work. They also have wider benefits, encouraging students to become independent, lifelong learners, and enabling people to actively participate as citizens of the 'information society'. These skills are also recognised by employers as essential in the modern workplace.

The need for students to develop their information skills is recognised within OU strategy. Information literacy increasingly features in the learning outcomes of new modules, as more and more module teams embed the use of library resources in module material.

As an AL, you have a key role to play in supporting your students as they develop their information literacy skills, and this toolkit is designed to support you.

The material in this toolkit will help you to:

  • introduce information literacy to your students
  • respond to the information literacy-related demands they might make of you
  • develop your own information literacy skills where necessary