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Choosing an ISP

There are many ISPs in the market place, and ordinary telephone companies also offer an internet service, so check whether your existing telephone company can offer you a good deal.

Things to check with your ISP include

  • the monthly contract cost (which sometimes rises after the first few months)
  • the contract duration, and any penalties for ending it early
  • the cost of telephone support and whether 24-hour support is provided
  • any limit to how much you can download
  • whether there is a connection charge
  • the bandwidth – the bigger it is, the faster
  • whether any adaptation required to your telephone line or cable is supplied free
  • whether you can keep your old telephone number if you choose to adapt your telephone line.

You may wish to print this page and use the above as a checklist. Assistance with printing can be found in the Printing a web page section.

The market changes rapidly so do shop around and look for the combination of price and features that suits your needs.