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Demo: using drawing tools (flowcharts)

Please note

This demo requires Adobe Flash Player.


  1. Select Insert > Picture > AutoShapes.
  2. The AutoShapes toolbar opens.
  3. From the AutoShapes toolbar select the Flowchart menu button.
  4. Select the shape you require e.g. Process.
  5. The Drawing Canvas window opens.
  6. Insert the cursor within the drawing canvas and holding down the left mouse button drag out the shape until you are happy with it.
  7. Repeat steps 3 – 6 for any additional flowchart shapes you need to add.

To connect your items

  1. Select the Connectors menu button.
  2. Click the Straight Arrow Connector button.
  3. Click on one item and add a link to another item.
  4. Repeat step 8.
  5. Select the Curved Arrow Connector.
  6. Click on one item and add a link to another item.
  7. Repeat step 8.
  8. Select the Elbow Arrow Connector.
  9. Click on one item and draw a line.
  10. When you have completed your curve click the Esc key to end your drawing.