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Elluminate is a synchronous audio conferencing tool which is used primarily to deliver tutorials in some modules. It enables you to talk in real time to your tutor or other students over the internet, and includes additional tools such as an interactive whiteboard and the ability to share web pages.

You may hear the Elluminate software referred to as 'online rooms'. For a basic introduction to using it, watch the video on Online training sessions.

How to start

If Elluminate is part of your module a 'Join Meeting' link will be available on your module website. The first time you use it, the software will download.

In general, once a group has been set up with Elluminate the tool will

  • be available for use by any member at any time for the duration of the module and
  • students can also use the session for peer support when it is not being used for scheduled activities.

Getting help

The Computing Guide audio conferencing section on Elluminate has full training materials (see current Computing Guide or new Computing Guide. Both require login details). These training materials include

  • the first step: check that your computer is correctly configured
  • what you need to know when getting started
  • participating in a session
  • troubleshooting.

If you have problems using Elluminate within a module, contact the OU Computing Helpdesk (see current Computing Guide and new Computing Guide. Both require login details).