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The Skills Check is a short survey which should take you no more than 3 minutes to complete. Once you have completed the Skills Check we provide you with a personal learning plan targeted to your personal study needs and goals.

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End-of-module assessment

EMAs are used on some modules instead of a traditional examination. EMAs feel different from an examination because they are often completed at your home and at your own pace. Refer to your module materials to find out how your EMA will be conducted.

Ideally, you should start thinking about your EMA during the early stages of your module so that you are clear about what you have to do and how long it will take you. Read your module or study guide, talk to your tutor or study adviser, and use the following tips to help you.

  • EMA arrangements vary between modules, so check the requirements carefully with your tutor, even if you’ve done one before.
  • Check how the EMA fits into your module calendar, consider the preparation required and allocate sufficient time to complete the assessment without rushing it.
  • If it’s a collaborative project, make sure you plan accordingly and allow extra time, as it can be complicated to bring contributions together from several people.
  • If there are elements of research to undertake for the EMA, think about where you need to look or who you need to talk to.
  • If you have any questions, raise them at an early tutorial, in your module forum or with your tutor or study adviser.
  • Keep the instructions for your EMA in mind and think about them as you work through the module. You may need to cover a wide area of the module materials - keep separate notes for the EMA that remind you what materials you need to go back to, to save you later effort.

One of the most difficult things is keeping a balance between getting your answers right and aiming for perfection – it can be very hard to let the assignment go and send it in. However, once you’ve done the work and checked it carefully against the questions, it becomes more difficult to improve marks by spending more time on it.