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Your tutor will mark and give you feedback on your assignments, and is the first person to approach if you have any questions about your studies. Tutors understand that someone whose first language is not English may need extra guidance, for example in finding ways to express new ideas.

If your tutor feels you could benefit from extra language support they may refer you to an adviser.

Watch the video and answer the accompanying questions. To save your replies, you must press 'Save' before moving on to the next page. Once you have submitted all your answers, we offer a brief summary of points to think about.

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Kafula: My tutor was obviously interested in me doing well. She was available for me. I would go back and ask questions and ask clarifications for things that I was, you know, not sure about and she would give me examples and make comments that would help me to understand the difficulties that I was experiencing.

Anna: The tutors always were encouraging, even when they marked some a bit lower than I might have expected. There was always encouraging words at the end and before that they explained what was wrong so I could improve that in next essay and progress from there.

Kafula: You didnít feel embarrassed about not knowing things because then the tutor would give you comments at the level that you are, to help you understand.

Anna: At first, I was really afraid to ask for help but a friend who is actually OU tutor was saying that he's not always happy with his students because they don't ask him for anything and he's there to help them so then, you know, first time, second time when I had a problem, I did call or ask on the tutorial for help.

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