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Most OU tutorials take place online or by phone. However, there are also some face-to-face sessions, for instance at day school or residential school. Wherever possible, make use of the opportunity to practise your communication skills and get to know your tutor and other students.

Watch the video and answer the accompanying questions. To save your replies, you must press 'Save' before moving on to the next page. Once you have submitted all your answers, we offer a brief summary of points to think about.

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Alexa: When you're in tutorials, you realise that you're not the only person whose English is not the first language, which is great because that means you are not the only one on the boat here.

Aneta: We are all scared of the same things, we all think that we can't do certain things, like academic writing for instance and it doesn't matter if you are actually a foreigner or a British person, because we struggle the same.

Alexa: Though the tutor might have something in mind to teach us, it never goes as planned, which is the best way, in a way, because it means there is a discussion between the students and the tutorials are good for that kind of things. They're good for discussions.

Agron: The tutorials which I think work the best for me anyway, is the ones where I've gone home and I know okay, we did A, B, C, D and this what I would need to keep in mind or write it down for my essay or for the next bit that I'm tackling in the study.

Anna: It's really easy just to sit in the corner and let other people do the work, but I think if you really just say one sentence in the first tutorial and then slowly, slowly progress it to some more, it's really good and other students will see that as well.

Agron: If at some point you think that it's not going the way you want it to be or you didn't understand something and the point has moved on to something else, then you just, you know, say "Excuse me I didn't understand this part".

Participation in this is quite important, if you want to take all you can out of a tutorial. Even saying a few things gets you involved. You need to be proactive. Even 5 minutes , basically, could clarify what you haven't learned for a month because, you know, it's actually happened that I didn't understand a point and that two minutes of a conversation was, you know, very helpful and that resulted in, you know, a better mark anyway for the next essay.

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