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Studying at the OU doesn't mean studying alone. You can contact other students through online forums for your course, or through social areas such as Platform.

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Moungru: I think it's quite nice if you can get in touch with some of the student because you can always go to them.

When I have question that I found it difficult to understand or specially some of the jargon word, I often send it, send an email to them and ask them for explanation or to see if they can help me in one way or another. They try to find out, try to find the answer for you, try to help you in any way that they can.

Alexa: During the last course I did at the Open University which was 'Exploring the English Language' I connected with a fellow student who was Scottish. We called each other a lot.

I was getting quite a lot out of it, when it comes to vocabulary, when it comes to syntax, you know, English sentence-making. Towards the preparation of the exam, we actually revised together and that was really, really helpful.

Kafula: I worked with a friend of mine who's from Zimbabwe, who was doing the same course as I was, experiencing the same problems with language and explanations to the new words that we were facing in our course.

He had a better understanding of the questions and, you know, so he helped me to understand the context or the meaning of the question and I think I was much better in structuring the essays, so we fed off each other, so whereas he helped me understand the question, I helped him putting his essay together.

Agron: The more interaction you have, the more confident you are at the end of it in answering your questions and you can also see that in tutor group forums which are part of the OU web page where, you know, people write to each other. It's been a help to me, so I guess it's been a help to other people as well.

Aneta: There is a group dedicated to 'Exploring Psychology' course on the Facebook. The brilliant part about it is that everyone can go there. Everyone can ask any questions regarding the assignment or the exam or anything really they want to talk about regarding the course.

The good thing about it is that, if there are any questions regarding any particular topic, people answering them, they're fellow students so they what they do, they actually reply to you using their own language, the very colloquial language, which is actually extremely helpful because suddenly someone is describing to you something you don't understand in a book, in a way that you will understand.

There are also tutors who actually revealed their identity and saying 'Yes, we are tutors, we actually represent the OU side of it.' Which is also great because, in a sense, you don't only rely on your own tutor which is assigned to every person, but then you have other tutors' point of view presented there.

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