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At each stage of your journey as an Open University student, you will not be alone.  Listen to students give their final pieces of advice.

Watch the video and answer the accompanying questions.  To save your replies, press 'Save' before moving on to the next page.  Once you have submitted your answers, we provide a final message to think about.

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Anna: First of all, don't be scared to start and then when material come through the door, just take it with a cool head and don't panic, as I did.

Agron: You need to be proactive, inasmuch as you can, in trying to participate.

Alexa: Attend as many tutorials as possible, as they help a lot. You get to meet a lot of people. You get to meet people whose English is not their first language which, in a way, you identify with; you know how they feel.

Kafula: Find people within your course that you can talk to, but also to use the comments from the tutors.

Aneta: Even if people doubt themselves, there is so much encouragement from the tutor, from fellow students, from everyone actually involved in a course, and everyone is trying to make the entire process easier.

Moungru: The language part was quite difficult for me. I often said 'Oh this is so difficult I wish I can understand it.' My daughter said, 'No one asked you to do it, why don't you just give up?' But I said to her, 'No, I will not because that is something I want to do and I will not give up.'

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