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Favourite sites

When you are on a web page that you want to use again, you can 'bookmark' the address so that you can return to it easily. This is also known as adding a favourite site, to your list of favourites.

Add a favourite

To add the site that you are looking at to your Favorites (American spelling) list, click on

  1. Favorites, then
  2. Add to Favorites
    (A small window will appear with the name of the page)
  3. Click OK and the page will be added to your list.

If necessary, after completing step 2 of 'Add a favorite', you can also create a folder by clicking on 'New Folder' and giving it an appropriate name.

favourites Tip:  You can also add sites to your favourites by clicking the ‘Add to Favorites’ icon, (pictured right). This is only available in certain web browsers.

Go to a favourite

To go to a site that is in your Favorites list,

  1. click on Favorites,
  2. then click on the name of the page you want, or on a folder if you have organised your favourite sites in this way.

When you click on a folder, a list of pages in that folder will come up beside it. Click on the page you want and that page will load.

Note: The Mozilla Firefox browser uses the word Bookmarks rather than Favorites.