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K263 - Level 2 health and social welfare course

This is an extract from K263, a Level 2 health and social welfare course:

The scene-setting we have been doing in this section has been mainly about how workers get ‘chosen’ and what their socialisation as workers involves. We’ve looked at how discrimination can severely affect how people play their part as workers and even what part they play. We’ve also looked briefly at users. Resources and the supply of the workforce can affect people’s chances of receiving treatment. The social characteristics some people have may further affect their chances of what sort of treatment or services they receive. Access to services is not equal, and treatment is not equal either.

Discrimination can be experienced at a personal level and also understood at a structural level in society. How the workforce is constituted is not only a matter for statistical forecasting and analysis but has real impact on the quality of people’s lives, whether as users or as workers.


This extract is also written in a direct, straightforward style, with short simple sentences. It talks directly to the reader in a personal kind of way: ‘The scene-setting we have been doing …’ It uses the shortened form of we have – ‘we’ve’, which also makes it sound less formal. Unlike the previous extract it is not a set of instructions; it is a summary of what has already been discussed. The author uses specialised vocabulary (for instance ‘socialisation’ and ‘users’), and defines abstract ideas (such as ‘discrimination’, ‘resources’ and ‘the supply of the workforce’). An ordinary word used in a specific and possibly contentious way is identified by putting quotation marks round it – ‘chosen’.