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The Open University is adapting many of its websites to be more mobile friendly. The following key services are currently mobile-optimised or accessible via apps.

  • StudentHome mobile – you can get the mobile-friendly version of StudentHome by tapping on ‘Mobile view’ at the top of student homepage.
  • Your qualification and module website (via StudentHome) has also been optimised for mobile devices (for information see 'Using a mobile device').
  • OU Library Services – explore library resources, find forthcoming online training sessions, or learn more about the library.
  • OU Anywhere – giving access to core module materials, downloadable offline.

Optimising for mobiles at the OU involves a detection process to see what device or platform you are using and we serve you the most appropriate view, sometimes with slightly less options and functions onscreen to maximise use of the smaller size. In all cases, should you choose to, you can always switch over to the ‘desktop view’ instead. (To get to the full view there is usually a link at the bottom of a mobile web page). For more information, please also check the FAQs.

Talk about mobile device-specifics

Discuss using your mobile device with other students and learn from their experiences in our Mobile peer support forums.

Check the costs

Before you browse the mobile web, check your arrangements for data costs. Your mobile phone operator may be supplying you with unlimited texts but internet data sometimes comes at a premium unless you’ve added this into your contract or pay-as-you-go package. The best advice is to check before an extended session of browsing or you may receive a costly bill. You may find another package suits you better.

If you are travelling away from the country where you normally receive your mobile service, it may cost you more. Although charges in the EU are legally set to drop as you move around within Europe, there can be significant data costs incurred through ‘roaming’, especially in countries where your normal mobile operator may not have cheap tariff agreements. Again check beforehand, you may be able to get hold of an optional extra facility for a specific time period.

OU applications (or 'apps')

The OU has released an app – OU Anywhere – which gives OU undergraduate and postgraduate students the option to download and access their core module textbooks, videos and other materials through mobile devices.

These materials are digital reproductions of the materials students are sent in the post. Materials currently delivered online will not be available through the OU Anywhere app.

More info: OU Anywhere Help CentreOpen in new window | Information for students’ videoOpen in new window

Download the app: Android version 4 and higher | Apple iOS6

You can also discuss OU Anywhere within the Mobile peer support forum

In addition, the OU is also prototyping a number of other approaches using mobile apps. These will be increasingly available for more mobile devices via

Other OU mobile services

If you are interested in the context and background, and other mobile project work underway at the OU, you can access coordinated information for practitioners via