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Searching online

By connecting to the internet you can access the extensive range of information available on the web. Such a diverse range of material brings its own challenges in evaluating and selecting appropriate content.

How to use a search engine

You can look for information on any topic by using a search engine such as Google. This service searches through the entire internet to find pages that match your search terms.

Most search engines are fairly simple and user friendly. They all work in a similar way, although they rank the results of searches by different criteria. They can also offer many filters to focus your search. For example, provides an option to show results from the entire web or just the UK.

Further links

  • The BBC's WebWise will help you become a confident web user.
  • There are links to other OU resources on the Study Support area of StudentHome.

As an OU student you can access and search a unique set of study resources. Library Services offers specially selected online resources for your OU studies that could help with assignments, background reading or simply keeping up to date. On the Library Services site, you will find a search like the one featured below.

Try searching for a topic by typing in the box and then clicking on 'Search'. Please note that clicking the links and using the search will take you to the library website and away from this section. To return here, use the 'Back' button on your browser.

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