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URL short-cut

To get quickly to any web page, put a shortcut on your desk-top in one of these ways.

  1. Arrange your browser window so that you can also see your desktop (see step 1 of 'Resizing a window' for help on how to do this).
  2. Point at the icon next to the URL, then click and hold down your mouse button.
  3. Still holding down the mouse button, drag across to the desktop and let go.

Once you have created the short-cut, double-clicking on the icon at any time will open the URL. If you are not already connected to the internet, your computer will launch a web connection and web browser.

  1. Follow the steps written above to create a shortcut on your desktop for this page 'URL short-cut'.
  2. Once created, open the short-cut.
  3. If you do not wish to close your browser, simply double click on your newly created short-cut and it will open a duplicate page to this one.