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Using the keyboard

Some people prefer to use keyboard shortcuts rather than the mouse to view and explore web pages.

IE keyboard shortcuts

Internet Explorer has help files that are always available to you in your browser. Select

  1. Help from the web browser's menu
  2. Then select Contents and Index
  3. Select the Contents tab,
  4. Within the Content tab scroll to 'Accessibility' and click on it
  5. Choose 'Using Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts'

Here are three example shortcuts from the wide range available.

To do thisPress this
Cycle forwards through the items on a web page, the Address bar, and the Links bar.TAB
Cycle backwards through the items on a web page, the Address bar, and the Links bar.SHIFT+TAB
Go to your Home page.ALT+HOME

Other Internet browsers

Other browsers offer useful accessibility features similar to Internet Explorer and, in most cases, the keyboard shortcuts are the same.

A problem with Internet Explorer is that some web pages are designed in such a way that the user cannot resize the page. Mozilla and Opera both allow users to resize such text.

Opera offers users some additional features that are not available in Internet Explorer. For example, users can use mouse gestures, zoom an entire page (not just the text) and tab through different types of content. Users can also easily turn off page styles and images using Opera.