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The Skills Check is a short survey which should take you no more than 3 minutes to complete. Once you have completed the Skills Check we provide you with a personal learning plan targeted to your personal study needs and goals.

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Using your computer

Developing further computing skills may take a while, but does pay off in time saved later. You may find that you pick up these skills easily as you go along and just need to fill in a few gaps.

Covered in this section

  • Identify key computing skills
  • Understand the benefits of commonly used functions
  • How to choose training and courses that are most appropriate for you in order to develop your computing skills
  • How to organize your ideas using a computer
  • Learn about submitting assignments electronically
  • 20 mins to complete this section

One of the most rewarding things you can do with your computer is to communicate with your tutor, fellow students, and other OU staff. If you like exchanging ideas and information with other students, and getting feedback from your tutor, computers can add a whole new dimension to your learning.

"Email from another student really kept me going last year, when I thought I would never manage to get to the end."