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Studying with dyslexia

The booklet contains information about dyslexia, strategies for learning, and tips for making your study pathway smoother.

You can download a PDF copy from the links below, or you can buy a printed version from Open University Worldwide.

Each of these sections can be downloaded separately as a PDF file, for reading or printing.

Studying with Dyslexia booklet image
  1. Introduction (PDF, 223 KB)
  2. What is dyslexia? (PDF, 284.45 KB)
  3. Learning at the OU (PDF, 288.62 KB)
  4. Organisation and time management and exams (PDF, 292.45 KB)
  5. Reading (PDF, 248.17 KB)
  6. Taking notes (PDF, 301.76 KB)
  7. Assignment writing (PDF, 300.2 KB)
  8. Revision and exams (PDF, 297.1 KB)
  9. In conclusion (PDF, 294.73 KB)

However, you can download the whole booklet as one file Studying with dyslexia (PDF, 692.03 KB).

Help with PDF accessibility

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If you have difficulty using a screen reader to read PDFs in a browser window

  • try downloading / saving the PDF to your hard drive and then read it with your screen reader through the Adobe Reader program or
  • try using the Read Out Loud already in Acrobat Reader.