Haslam, Alexander


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Alex Haslam (1962-) is a Social and Occupational Psychologist. He received his MA from the University of St Andrews and his PhD from Macquarie University.
Haslam’s research interests include central social and occupational topics such as: leadership, motivation, stereotyping and stress. He works closely with other collaborators from both the UK, and the US as well those in Australia.
One of the best known collaborations was with Steve Reicher in 2001. In their work together they replicated the Zimbardo’s ‘Prison Experiment’. In this BBC Prison Study they explored the social and psychological consequences of unequal power distributions. Amongst other things they found that tyranny is not, as previously thought, due to blind obedience to rules.
Haslam’s work with Michelle K Ryan also explored gender bias in occupational settings and it was their work which coined the term ‘glass ceiling’.