Weiskrantz, Lawrence


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Lawrence Weiskrantz is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Oxford University. He was Director of the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford from 1967-1993. Prior to his appointment at Oxford University, he held an appointment at Cambridge University for 11 years. He earned his BSc degree from Oxford in 1950, and his PhD from Harvard University in 1953. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of London and a member of the US National Academy of Sciences. He has received numerous awards including the Craik Prize from Cambridge, the Hughlings Jackson Medal from the Royal Society of Medicine, and the William James Fellowship of the American Psychological Society. He delivered the Royal Society's Ferrier Lecture in 1989. He is a distinguished neuropsychologist who has worked with patients suffering from amnesia and blindsight (a phenomenon he discovered) for over 30 years.
Prof. Weiskrantz is the author of Consciousness Lost and Found (1997), Blindsight: A Case Study and Implications (1986) and editor of and contributor to Analysis of Behavioural Change (1963), Neurospychology of Cognitive Function (1982), Animal Intelligence (1985), and Thought Without Language (1988).