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Specialist Bibliography I


Prepared by: Ruth Hazel
Series Editor: Lorna Hardwick

Bibliographic Resource


This bibliographic list has been compiled by Ruth Hazel as part of the Open University Department of Classical Studies' Research Project on Classical Receptions in Late Twentieth-Century DRama and Poetry in English. It is the first in a series of specialist bibliographies relating to the work of the project. The listing is intended as an indication of the kinds of English-language theatre journals and periodicals where material relating to modern productions of ancient Greek drama is to be found, and includes reference to articles and surveys, in many cases with brief abstracts. It does not pretend to be a comprehensive and all-inclusive list of such material, but aims to suggest access routes and methods of searching for it. The list includes, at one extreme, electronic journals, and at the other, hard copy archives which can only be accessed by privately arranged personal visit. The aim, in compiling this list of publications and other resources in the field of modern theatre, was to show, through inclusion of specific examples, the kind of material any one resource might provide.

Lorna Hardwick
Autumn 2001