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from c.1970 to the Present

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Lorna Hardwick

Carol Gillespie Ruth Hazel  
Critical Essays  

Documenting and Researching Modern Productions of Greek Drama: Six Essays


Conference Publications
The January Conference 1999 - Theatre: Ancient and Modern

The January Conference 1996 - The Reception of Classical Texts and Images

Colloquium Publications
The Open Colloquium 2002 - The Role of Greek Drama and Poetry in Crossing and Redefining Cultural Boundaries

The Open Colloquium 1999 - Tony Harrison's Poetry, Drama and Film: The Classical Dimension  

Conference Abstracts
Current Debates in Classical Reception Studies Conference, 2007

Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds Conference, 2004
(Selected proceedings now published in Hardwick and Gillespie (eds) Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007)

Greek Drama and Masks Workshop,   Walton Hall, July 1998 - A Report