Burman, Erica


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Erica Burman (1960-) received her undergraduate degree in Developmental Psychology with Cognitive Studies from the University of Sussex and went to Manchester to complete her PhD entitled: ‘Time, Language and Power in Modern Developmental Psychology’. She taught a range of courses at Manchester Metropolitan University including developmental psychology, educational psychology, psychology of childhood, counselling and psychotherapy and qualitative and discursive methods. In 1998 Burman became Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies.
Burman’s work has concentrated around developmental psychology and feminist perspectives with particular emphasis on discursive methods. In 1994 she published Deconstructing Developmental Psychology and where she has criticised mainstream theories of child development. In 1998 she draw upon her feminist perspective and published Deconstructing Feminist Psychology.
Burman is a critical feminist psychologist who has questioned key assumptions about second wave feminism and has used anti-racism debates to inform her work. She was also co-founder of the Discourse Unit along with Ian Parker.