Gill, Rosalind


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Rosalind Gill did her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Psychology and completed her PhD at the Loughborough Discourse and Rhetoric Group in 1991. From her interdisciplinary perspectives she has worked in several different areas including: Sociology, Gender studied and Media Communications. Her research interests include: gender, the media, culture, the dynamics of discrimination and discursive methods.
Gill has worked on projects concerned with the sexualisation of culure and how certain characteristics (such as age, gender, class, sexuality, vunerability) interact and are intercepted by sexualisation.
As a feminist scholar Gill coined the term ‘new sexism’ to examine how gender discrimination within discourse and discrimination alter according to different conditions. She has also worked on postfeminism and argues that there is not singular definition of postfeminism as she explores what it is to be in a ‘postfeminism’ society.