Queer History/Theory


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Psychology’s history with sexuality, especially queer sexualities and genders, has been turbulent and relatively unpleasant.
From the 1950s to 1973, Psychology considered homosexuality to be a mental illness and provided therapy to treat homosexuals, among other ‘sexual deviants’. Psychological theories about sexuality stemmed largely from the work of sexologists at the beginning of the 20th century and later Freud’s interpretations of sexuality and gender.
The American Psychological Association has since apologised for this categorisation and encouraged psychologists to assist the queer community in overcoming the stigmatisation and marginalisation that the diagnosis contributed to. LGBT Psychology is now a sub-field of Psychology and queer theory has bled into the teaching of Psychology. Specialised journals now circulate LGBTQQA specific research. Gregory Herek however still warns researchers of potential heteronormativity that runs through many common research practises.