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About The Drama Database
[ISSN 1756-2627]

The drama database aims to enable Reception studies to address issues of performance with the same degree of rigour and attention to evidence which is expected in textual studies and has been designed so that it can be searched for the careers of individuals and theatre companies as well as for Greek and modern authors, plays, themes and reviews.

We hope that this database will prove a useful research and learning resource for academics and students working not only in Classical Studies but also in related areas such as modern literature and theatre studies. It will include material relating to poetry and film as well as drama.

The nature of our research means that it is open-ended and ongoing. We welcome information about performances of Greek plays in the original and in adaptations, versions and translations in English from c.1970 to the present. We also wish to document poetry in English (texts and performances and film poems) which draw on Greek texts, myths and images.

The database was designed by Carol Gillespie, Project Officer, and the current online interface was designed by Greg Parker of Solutions Factory . We would also like to record our thanks to David Wong of the university's Academic Computing Services department, for his expertise and continuing support in ensuring the online delivery of the database. Some of the original data collection (pre-1996) was researched by Dr. Ruth Hazel, as part of her doctoral thesis. The remainder has been contributed by many colleagues from a variety of backgrounds. We are most grateful for their continued support.

If you would like to contribute any information regarding the performance of Ancient Greek Drama, please use the Data Gathering Form or contact Carol Gillespie.

Copies of programmes, reviews etc. are also welcome for our archive and should be sent to:

Carol Gillespie, Project Officer,
Department of Classical Studies,
Arts Faculty, The Open University
Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA , UK .